Aboriginal Dispute Resolution Training

Aboriginal Dispute Resolution Training (ADRT) is a state-wide program offered by the Dispute Settlement Centre of Victoria (DSCV) that aims to raise awareness and build the knowledge base and skills of Aboriginal communities to resolve conflicts and tackle lateral violence.

aboriginal koori dispute resolution mediation

What we’re delivering

Phase one of the program (2017-18) will be delivered in the Gippsland, Loddon Mallee and North Metro regions.
We provide three different forms of customised training:
  • Conflict Resolution training looks at the many kinds of conflict people experience from day-to-day and provides tips and techniques to make conflict a constructive experience that enhances relationships. It helps people understand ‘trigger points’, identify why there’s friction and discover how to adjust their style to different situation’s. We also teach practical ways to resolve conflicts.
  • Mediation Training An introduction to mediation that explores the concept of mediation and how it can be used to resolve conflicts. (for people who would like to become accredited mediators DSCV offer a six day accredited training course)
  • Lateral Violence Awareness training sessions explain what lateral violence is and how it can impact organisations and communities. We look at how it erodes community resilience and how cultural knowledge can be used to reduce its effects.

Our approach

Each training session will be tailored to the needs of our community partners. It can be incorporated into existing programs or run as a special event.

What are the Benefits?

The immediate and long term benefits include:
  • greater sense of social inclusion and belonging
  • enhanced community safety and well-being
  • strengthening community focus on preventing violence and improving community networks
  • enhancing self-esteem, well-being, decision-making and connection to culture
  • encouraging community members to take a leadership role in raising awareness about community violence, and support services.

Get in touch!

To find out more, please contact our coordinator:
(03) 8684 1317 / 0417 305 446, or one of our three offices:
Loddon Mallee region: russell.adcock@justice.vic.gov.au
(03) 5440 6100 / 0437 599 735
(03) 5116 5761 / 0437 618 302
Northern Metropolitan region: fatimah.siddique@justice.vic.gov.au
(03) 8684 1344 / 0418 842 935

This information is also available to download via factsheet below.