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Mediation Training FAQs

Frequently asked questions about the DSCV mediation training program.

Why would I want to train to be a mediator?

There are many reasons why you might want to train as a mediator.

  • mediation is recognised as an effective way of resolving disputes and conflict
  • mediation has applications in the workplace, in business, at home, at school, and even in clubs and other organisations
  • mediation skills are life skills
What sort of people make good mediators?

People with the skills to make a good mediator are those who have:

  • excellent communication skills
  • well developed analytical skills
  • patience and ability to remain neutral and impartial
  • commitment to the principles of empowerment

Being a mediator is not for everybody. It requires a great deal of concentration, ability to think ‘on your feet’ and constant attention to the parties throughout the session.

What will I learn from this course?

You will learn to:

  • recognise your own conflict resolution style
  • develop successful communication strategies
  • assist parties in their negotiations
  • minimise conflict within your organisation
  • conduct a mediation, in partnership with another mediator (co-mediation)
Specifically, you will learn about:
  • the concept of mediation as an alternative dispute resolution option
  • the nature of conflict and how conflict affects our daily activities
  • how to implement various negotiating techniques
  • various ethical issues that may present to the practising mediator
  • power imbalances in mediation – including how to identify possible difficulties for particular groups and how to implement strategies to combat possible power imbalances in the mediation process
How much will the course cost?

The current cost of the course is $2,970.00 (GST inclusive). 

How do I find out more?

If you would like to speak to one of our training officers, call the centre on (03) 8684 1333 and select option 6.