Notice to Fence

A fencing notice is a formal document that sets out a proposal for construction or repair of a dividing fence or other works that need to be done. The regulations under the Fences Act include a pro forma notice which you can use to cover all the necessary details for your neighbour. 
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The fencing notice includes proposals about the line on which the works should be carried out, the type of works to be carried out, the person to be engaged to undertake the works, an estimate of the cost, and contribution proportions. You can hand the fencing notice to your neighbour personally or send it by post.

Should I use a Standard Notice to Fence or an Urgent Notice to fence?

In almost all situations you should use a Standard notice. An urgent fence notice is only used in the most extreme cases - where the fence has been destroyed by fire, flood or a fallen tree branch. It is only given if the fence requires immediate repair or replacement and the standard notice is impractical. 

If you decide to submit an urgent fencing notice, be aware that it is much more difficult to negotiate with your neighbour and you may be forced into court action if your neighbour disagrees that the work was required. 
If you need help filling out the notice or deciding on which notice to send, please call our office to discuss with one of our staff.